STEM Scholarships

Support STEM with scholarships

Each year, our NDIA Great Lakes Chapter awards scholarships to students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

This scholarship program is part of a broader NDIA organizational commitment called the Chapter STEM initiative. Through this program, we aim to prepare the Great Lakes region for global competitiveness through enhanced STEM education and career development opportunities for local students. This strategy is executed in cooperation with the NDIA National STEM initiative for the entire United States. 

Candidates must submit the following to be considered: 

  • Completed Scholarship Application Form 
  • Scholarship Application Form essays 
  • Most recent high school transcript (and college if applicable) 

Recipients will be notified in Q1 and invited to attend the NDIA Great Lakes Chapter Annual Meeting in Q3.

All required documents must be emailed to our Scholarship Committee at by 30 November.

Notes on selection criteria

  • NDIA will select scholarship recipients demonstrating pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree and follow-on career in a STEM field. 
  • NDIA will accept nominations from any NDIA member or dependent; however, the Scholarship Committee may give preference to a member of the Great Lakes Chapter.    
  • The award decisions of the NDIA Great Lakes Chapter Scholarship Committee are final.  
  • Selection criteria will include, but not be limited to, demonstrated commitment to a STEM field of study, academic/community achievement, motivation, and a letter of reference.

Support the NDIA Great Lakes Scholarship Program

We encourage you to share information about the NDIA Great Lakes Scholarship program with those who may be interested. By increasing awareness and generating applicant interest, we can ensure deserving individuals have the opportunity to pursue higher education and contribute to the future of our industry.

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As an individual or organizational donor, you can make a meaningful impact by supporting the NDIA Great Lakes Scholarship program. By donating, you join a prestigious group of supporters from the defense industrial base who are recognized for their commitment to advancing education and career opportunities in our field.

Together, let’s invest in the future of the defense industry. Share information about the scholarship program, and consider making a donation today to support the next generation of leaders in the defense community.